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Automated Testing: where do I put Selenium?

I'm working on a Java application, it's a middleware between two ticketing webapps. I want to write end2end tests using Selenium to test functionality. Let's say my testing process goes like this: I ...
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TestNG runner when using @DataProvider combined with apache poi does not execute tests sequentially

EDIT: I have an class to get cell data from it and pass it on to the tests methods in my test class. I am reading from 1 excel file. The excel file has 3 worksheets. Every worksheet ...
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How to identify test result as "ignore" (not successful or unsuccessful) in process of execution?

We use Selenium webdriver + SpecFlow for testing our Web application. For some functionality, everything is clear. But imagine the situation: some questions arrive to Web user from external system he ...
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How to make a webdriver run reliably in Selenium?

I have been having quite a time getting this to work reliably for 100s of thousands of terms and potentially millions of pages per source and ETL the resulting data into a database in an automated ...
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Is there a benefit to using a specific language with Selenium WebDriver?

As I begin to make the leap from the Firefox Selenium IDE to Selenium 2, I'm realizing that a significant portion of tutorials, guides, books, and documentation regarding WebDriver is based in Java; C#...
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