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Last updated: 9 April 2016, after 3 Nov 2015

A few things to know about me:

  1. I'm a school student.

  2. I sometimes write posts in a massive hurry, and often make careless mistakes.

  3. I have two objectives on this site:

  • Learn more interesting things.
  • Earn as much rep as possible. I guess this objective has faded with time.
  1. I love this site (SE).

  2. I'm waiting for the day this site makes a popular site worldwide, just like Wikipedia. I'm also waiting for the day 'Puzzling' becomes a full-fledged site (It's currently in Beta). It seems that this will happen soon!

  3. I offer bounties quite often. As of today (3 Nov 2015), I have 2015 2370 rep in my account and 1250 1750 rep in offered bounties on Puzzling SE.

What I am known for:

Simple questions which have no solution till date:

Check out the list at It is updated and more reliable.

On Puzzling SE (I can promise a minimum **250 rep bounty** for solving any of these five, or even improving on the current best score)

On Math SE

Some things I would like: (Please ignore.)

  1. Total rep = Earned rep, not Total rep = Earned rep - Spent rep. Spent rep should be accounted separately so that the bounties you put equal the rep you have earned. For example, if you have earned 2000 and spent 400, your total rep is still 2000 and your leftover spending rep is 1600.
2. I'd like the process of creating a new site (Private and Public Beta) to be a bit faster. I can't understand one good reason why Puzzling SE should be called a 'beta' site. Does 'beta' mean there is something missing?

3. I would like the question ban on me on Meta SE to be removed. I know SE doesn't handle such requests manually, but I do believe I deserve another chance, after all, it's been over a year. Moreover, I have asked more good questions than bad on the site-specific metas.

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