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Thom Ives
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Hi, I'm Thom

Founder of Integrated Machine Learning & AI
Lead Data Scientist at AI-Strategy

Thanks for coming here. Here's a bit of biography about me.

I founded Integrated Machine Learning & AI with much help! We are large and growing family of data specialists and scientists seeking to learn and grow MORE TOGETHER.

I actively serve the greater data science community through LinkedIn and gratefully have 43000+ followers and growing.

I'm honored to be the lead data scientist at AI Strategy corporation developing an AI assisted application to improve the success rate of technical development ventures.

Over my long career, I've had the honor of developing a wide range of analytical models using data, multi-physics, and experiments.

While I love predictive modeling, I'm equally passionate to automate the entire data pipeline to achieve the greatest possible return on data for all.

I am married, have 9 kids = 4 bios + 5 internationally adopted + an awesome son-in-law. I also regularly adopts amazing people from around the world!

I live in Eagle, Idaho, USA.

Find me on LinkedIn

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