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Jean-Fran├žois is a System / Infrastructure Engineer and MySQL Expert. He currently works at HubSpot. Before that, J-F missions were scaling the MySQL and MariaDB infrastructure at MessageBird and He was also involved on projects related to storage, network and security. Some of his latest interests are finding the best way to automate MySQL master failover, making Parallel Replication run faster, and promoting Binlog Servers. JF has a good understanding of MySQL replication and a respectable understanding of InnoDB, MySQL, Linux, and TCP/IP. Before, he worked as a System / Network / Storage Administrator in a Linux and VMWare environment, as an Architect for a Mobile Telco Service Provider, and as a C and Java Programmer in an IT Service Company. Even before that, when he was learning computer science, Jeff studied Cache and Memory Consistency in Distributed Systems and Network Group Communication Protocols (yes, the same as Group Replication).

--== Specialties ==--

MySQL and variants including MariaDB and Percona Server.

Distributed Systems and Networks, especially Linux Web platforms.

Java, C, Web and Parallel programming and optimization (this is from a previous life).

And I write most of my scripting in Bash.

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