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Math Enthusiast. Here to learn the big (tends to infinity) number of things that I don't know and help with the small number of things that I already know.

Some quotes I like:

"It is not the knowledge but the learning, not the possessing, but the earning, not the being there but the getting there, which gives us the greatest pleasure."

Carl Friedrich Gauss

"If I could prove by logic that you would die in five minutes, I should be sorry you were going to die, but my sorrow would be very much mitigated by pleasure in the proof."

GH Hardy to Bertrand Russell

"You know, for a mathematician, he did not have enough imagination. But he has become a poet, and now he is fine."

David Hilbert about one of his ex-students

"When we talk mathematics, we may be discussing a secondary language built on the primary language of the nervous system."

John von Neumann

"Perhaps I could best describe my experience of doing mathematics in terms of entering a dark mansion. One goes into the first room, and it’s dark, completely dark. One stumbles around bumping into the furniture, and gradually, you learn where each piece of furniture is, and finally, after six months or so, you find the light switch. You turn it on, and suddenly, it’s all illuminated. You can see exactly where you were. Then you move into the next room and spend another six months in the dark."

Andrew Wiles

My profile picture is by Cristian Ilies Vasile, all credits goes to him, more of his work can be found here

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