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How is B-Tree used in DBMS-s if WHERE condition can be anything?

The most of the database management systems use B-tree as a data structure for increasing the performance. Let's imagine that we have a table users with the following columns: id (int), name (string), ...
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Is a JVM based dbms like Neo4J implemented ideally?

Since Neo4J is implemented in Java and therefore uses the JVM, wouldn't an equivalent graph database that is written in C++ / Rust or GoLang be more performant? Why would one decide to build a DBMS ...
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In DBMS are Secondary Indices ordered?

I've read that the Heap File Organization is usually used to structure a secondary index. This makes me suspect that usually, a secondary index is unordered, as opposed to the primary index, that is ...
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Using sql triggers over higher level scripts

I recently came across a set of possibilities for creating rows in a table in my database. the scenario is that I am trying to populate a notifications table by different types of notifications data ...
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Can age be a composite attribute in DBMS?

my question would be can age be considered a composite attribute? Because name is a composite attribute and it can be divided into first name, middle name and last name. And therefore can age be a ...
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SQL query or C# .net code for csv files import?

My aim here is to find out the best possible and feasible solution for my dilemma. I want to import some csv file (may contain around 50~60K records) into database after some manipulation into the ...
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Difference between data models and schemas

I was just starting with reading a book about databases and encountered schemas and data models. I read that schema is the structural design of a database and data model is a set of conceptual tools ...
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How to choose DB and/or DBMS for own application? [closed]

I'm creating application in C++ and found out that storing information in XML file was very prodigally. Despite the possibility to read it without any specific application, random access via DOM or ...
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How to draw an E-R diagram?

I am learning DBMS in my college. Recently I was given an assignment to draw a E-R Model of a Bus Reservation system which handles Reservations, Ticketing and cancellations. I understand the theory ...
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Where can I obtain the specification for Distributed Relational Database Architecture? [closed]

I'm developing a DBMS that should be able to connect to IBM DB2 via the DRDA protocol. I found a DRDA reference manual that mentions "DRDA Implementation Programmer's Guide, SC21-9529" as a ...
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What is a single word I can use to describe a non-query SQL statement? [closed]

I'm trying to come up with a good name for a data access object that executes non-query SQL statements. I know DML is a valid term, but I wanted to make sure it is the best. Right now we have ...