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Is setting field's fields in a submethod without passing argument a good pattern?

Simplified a little, I have this code: public class TaskProcessCases{ private Assessment assessment ; public void execute() { // the actual name for (Case case : cases) { ...
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Is there any technical reason to be concerned with casting speed?

So, I'm working on a project that takes a very complex entity from a third party framework and converts it into the native object that defines that entity. This entity has several one-to-many ...
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Constructor vs casting operator

I'm programming a library (so I have complete access to all the mentioned classes). Two classes (A and B) are essentially the same and differ only by their implementation, so they can easily be ...
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Implicit vs explicit interfaces

I think I understand the actual limitations of compile-time polymorphism and run-time polymorphism. But what are the conceptual differences between explicit interfaces (run-time polymorphism. ie ...
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The need for Explicit Type Conversion in C#

Consider the following code: DerivedClass drbObj = (DerivedClass)obj; Here obj is of type Object and this is reasonable since Object is the base type of every Class in C#. Here, since the type of ...
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