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1 vote
0 answers

What is the logic behind Media types' type+subtype combinations?

I am a bit confused by the nesting that occurs in Media types (also known as their former name 'MIME types'): The top level types are called application, text, image video, audio, message, model and ...
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2 answers

Can I use git to replay changes for projects that use media assets rather than program source code?

So while waiting for a project to build I like to run gource and see a fun video of my team building the project over time. While I was watching me and my team fly around editing and changing the file ...
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1 answer

Mobile-first implementation or desktop-first? [closed]

When working with CSS media queries, I am unsure of whether I should program in a mobile-first style, or a desktop-first style. For example, let's say I'm given a design that consists of a set of ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Can I use aac in an commercial app for free?

I was wondering if I can use the aac codec in my commercial app for free (through lgpl ffmpeg). It says on the wiki: No licenses or payments are required to be able to stream or distribute content ...
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2 answers

Does FFMpeg support gpu acceleration of media encoding/decoding?

I was wondering if ffmpeg supported gpu acceleration. I was reading on their websites and came across contradicting information. -H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 ...
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1 answer

HTML5 video sprites

I'm currently working on a project where there is a requirement to dynamically composite multiple synchronised video sources onto a single canvas. The initial prototype I put together loaded the video ...
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1 answer

audio and video data in RTP

Suppose a user wants to transmit both audio and video to another user, whose formats are AMR for audio and H.264 for video. Does the user have to transmit audio and video packets always separately? ...
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2 answers

How to make audio and video streaming servers work? [closed]

I am PHP MySQL developer and I am interested in the way television and radio are broadcasted over Internet live. I want to know how it works and and what are its requirements (which package of which ...
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