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LDAP with Dovecot

I have a mail server setup with Postfix and Dovecot, and an application server setup with node.js. I have user credentials stored in my application server, and I want to use the same credentials for ...
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How do I interpret this postfix right-to-left algorithm?

I'm trying to implement this right-to-left evaluation algorithm of a postfix expression but I can't seem to get it to work. for each token in the reversed postfix expression: if token is an ...
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Is it worth parsing an infix algebraic expression to postfix and then an expression tree?

I am trying to make a simple expression parser, in which users type an expression in infix notation (for example ln((1+2)(3-4))) to apply some calculations. To make this possible I need to tokenize ...
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Postfix vs Prefix

I have read at a few places, that Postfix is easier to evaluate & easier to convert to Code than Prefix. I understand that if you parse a prefix expression from left to right, you might not be ...
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Variable assignment in a postfix language

TL;DR is val name <- more readable than name val <-? I'm designing a semi-concatenative, postfix language. I haven't given much thought to the style in which variable are assigned, and now I ...
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why use postfix /prefix expression instead of infix?

I understand how to convert infix to postfix/prefix but I do not understand why postfix or prefix expression are used in computer system? What is the advantage of postfix prefix over infix expression?...
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Algorithm for recursive evaluation of postfix expressions

I'm reading Sedgewick's book on algorithms in C and I'm looking for an algorithm to evaluate postfix expressions (addition and multiplication only) without using a stack. I tried to implement one but ...
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Are there real world applications where the use of prefix versus postfix operators matters?

In college it is taught how you can do math problems which use the ++ or -- operators on some variable referenced in the equation such that the result of the equation would yield different results if ...
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Avoid Postfix Increment Operator

I've read that I should avoid the postfix increment operator because of performance reasons (in certain cases). But doesn't this affect code readability? In my opinion: for(int i = 0; i < 42; i++)...
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Why do we have postfix increment?

Disclaimer: I know perfectly well the semantics of prefix and postfix increment. So please don't explain to me how they work. Reading questions on stack overflow, I cannot help but notice that ...
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