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Best way in C# to share class implementation patterns between abstract base classes [closed]

I could also ask this question for Java, D or C++. I remember, I found this to be an artificial limitation in Java already 10 years ago. I am currently working with C# and appreciate advices here. It'...
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Using virtual inheritance for an interface system based on abstract classes

I want to use a physics engine (like bullet or PhysX) in my program, however I want to hide the actual physics engine from it, so I can easily swap it out with another during run-time (e.g. switch ...
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The dilemma of implementing virtual inheritance

I am working on a program language, and I came to the dilemma whether it should support virtual inheritance or not. As a designer and implementer of the language, including that feature represents ...
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What is disinheritance in object oriented programming? [closed]

I am confused over Virtual Inheritance and disinheritance ? Is both are same ?
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Is it a good practice to use virtual inheritance as default? [closed]

Why virtual inheritance is not used as default? Default as in by the programmer and not the language. If not, why? What are the cases where it may fail? Is there some run time overhead? Is it ...
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