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What is proper approach to code first entity relationship design?

I been trying to figure out, what i hoped is a simple problem, but am yet to land with an answer. How do you go about designing an entity relationship diagram when doing code first development? The ...
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Should I use CQRS in this case?

I'm building web API. I have a problem where input differs from the output, for example, input expects just the id and output returns entire object. Also, there are few things specific to the output ...
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Connect to different database based on URL

I am developing a SAAS application where : A single web application is hosted in IIS which will serve to multiple companies and each company will have its own database. The web application and ...
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DDD domain code first vs db first

I am using DDD approach with c# and for data storage I am using SQL server. Also I am using code first approach with fluent api in order to build database objects from domain. Since I am using domain ...
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How to Structure Data Models as Detail or Stub in C# using Code First?

Say I have a product listing backed by a SQL table. It's a large data model (truncated here for brevity) but let's say looks like this: public class Product { public int Id { get; set; } ...
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Why C# ASP.NET MVC Code First POCO Classes must have getters and setters?

Why in, C# ASP.NET MVC Code First project, POCO Classes must have getters and setters ( {get; set; } ) in order to work? public float data { get; set; } or in db context class public DbSet<SGD....
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Entity Framework Code First, C# class separation and EAV

I'm in the process of redesigning a portion of my ASP.NET MVC application. I'm currently using Entity Framework 6.1 code first approach. I've been reading as of late that (Correct me if I'm wrong, I ...
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Code First Approach and Business Classes Validation

I have a solution split into two projects : A class library containing all of my model classes (lets call it Business), and an ASP.Net MVC project. My Business classes are meant to be generic and ...
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Organizing Entity Framework Code First Migrations

I recently started a small test app using EF 6 Code First so that I can learn / practice using EF and databases (I'm a front end developer). As I am developing I will want to make changes the POCO ...
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Using Code First concept of Entity Framework in production

I'm developing an application and I have a database with it using Entity Framework Code First concept. I like this approach very much. I'm using the latest version of EF which is 6.1.1. My main ...
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Entity Framework Code First Centralized database deployment

I originally posted this on stack overflow but was told that here is a better place to ask this kinda stuff. I couldn't find any other similar answered question but if there is one please give me a ...
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How to model users accounts in ASP MVC Framework with Entity Framework using code-first approach?

How do you design your code-first approach in entity framework when your code should include user data (name, password...) without repeating/overwriting what the MVC framework will generate in terms ...
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What strategy to follow while matching sql server datatypes in C# Code First approach while using Entity Framework

While matching SQL Server datatypes with C# Code First Approach in Entity Framework, what are specific points that we should keep in mind so that our C# datatype should match exactly our SQL Server ...
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How to split up ASP MVC Project using Code-First Entity Framework

For an academic exercise, we have been tasked with creating a small website. We have already gathered the requirements and fleshed out the business domain to see the classes we are supposed to support....
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DbFirst vs Code First? what should I use if I rely on Stored procedures

This question is asked many times, and I always prefer code-first as I like to keep the logic in code. But now I have a challenge to load screen under 5 seconds and very little time to do things. I ...
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Is Code First with Migrations or SQL Server Data Tools a better fit?

I have been given a spec to create a new MVC4 website, it will not be too large a project at first but I suspect it will grow as the business gets new ideas for it. Using .NET 4.5 ASP.NET MVC4 and EF ...
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Managing Entity Framework at Enterprise Projects (with hundred of tables)

I am using Entity Framework at my work and faced some problems. Usually I hear about creating tiny Edmx´s files containing tables related to some Domain ie.: Help Desk Edmx, HR Edmx, etc. Instead of ...
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Bill of materials database design in EF codefirst?

I'm having trouble generating a proper database design for bill of materials in EF Code-first I just need a general structure then ill add additional fields So i need to have a Product that is ...
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Is CodeFirst intended for large scale applications?

I've been reading up on Entity Framework, in particular, EF 4.1 and following this link ( and it'...
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