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What algorithm should I use to optimize a bike sharing redistribution system?

I want to optimize a bike-sharing redistribution system( find the best way for an agent to take bikes from a station that has more bikes than needed and relocate them to a station that needs more ...
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How to model heuristic uncertainty when sorting data?

Sorting algorithms assume you have a defined comparator. For example, if sorting integers A and B, the A > B operation allows you to determine if A should be after or before B. Imagine you want ...
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Feasible solution on the constructions phase of GRASP

I am learning about the GRASP (Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search) meta-heuristics. From what I understood, GRASP is based on two main phases. The first one: Construct a initial solution based on a ...
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Why are heuristics a disadvantage for decidable problems?

I'm reading Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Ertel. This line has me stumped from the textbook (page 102): For decidable problems such as the 8-puzzle this means that the whole search ...
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Mathematically correct A* heuristic / distance estimator for a latitude / longitude graph

I have a graph in which each node is a geographical point on the surface of the earth, defined by it's latitude / longitude coordinates. Correct ways to calculate the distance between two such points ...
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How do I unit test a heuristic algorithm?

Say we have our route finding algorithm: def myHeuristicTSP(graph): /*implementation*/ return route Now we want to unit test this: class TestMyHeuristicTSP: def ...
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3d Packing algorithm for item's shipping

I've received a task to build a shipping estimative that suggests the best accomodation of goods on as few boxes as possible: There is a finite set of known retangular box sizes There are many ...
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Heuristic Approach for Flexible DIFF Implementation

I have created a DIFF implementation to compare document revisions at work. It is based on An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations. One thing that has become important is to take the list ...
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AlienTiles optimistic heuristic function

Hello I am trying to use the alienTile problem described at using the A* algorithm but I cannot find any good heuristic function so far. In alien tiles you have a board with NxN ...
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A* search for Sudoku

I have a homework problem for an Artificial Intelligence course that I am having trouble answering. Consider solving the Sudoku problem using A* search. The start state has some number of cells ...
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How to find the running time of an algorithm that involves heuristics

I am working with A* algorithm, in which I have a 2D grid and given two points, find the shortest distance between them, while not running into any obstruction. Now, for each cell, I find the ...
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heuristic for searching through non-perfectly sorted data

Given sorted data, the search solution is obvious. Given unsorted data, sensible options are sort then search or just linear search. This question is about what to do if the data is somewhat sorted, ...
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Finding an A* heuristic for a directed graph

In a previous question, I asked about finding a route (or path if you will) in a city. That is all dandy. The solution I chose was with the A* algorithm, which really seems to suit my needs. What I ...
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Development of a bot/web crawler detection system

I am trying to build a system for my company which wants to check for unusual/abusive pattern of users (mainly web scrapers). Currently the logic I have implemented parses the http access logs and ...
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Should you abandon an ORM framework when you need to implement a bulk operation?

Here's a common situation: You need to implement a bulk operation in an application that uses an ORM framework. After the first pass, you've noticed significant performance problems. Here's my ...
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