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What are good strategies to use for learning the workings of larger systems? [duplicate]

For obvious reasons (be a better developer) I desire to gain a deeper understanding of not just my code, but the systems / frameworks / libraries that I work with. As a senior-ish dev* I feel I should ...
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Why does "front-end" only pertain to web development?

As a WPF developer, I was confused when I discovered that I'm not considered front-end because my platform isn't web, even though I clearly deal with user interaction and the front end of an ...
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2 answers

What is software maintenance?

I'm a hobbyist programmer, so no professional experience. People here often talk about doing maintenance of software at work. The author of this question talks about doing 90% maintenance and 10% ...
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Is it considered 'reasonable' to implement a major part of a program largely by subclassing a library class? [closed]

I'm planning to implement a word processor using Java, and Swing for the GUI. I was thinking how I can implement the text area where the user types the text. My idea was to subclass JTextArea. It ...
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What problem domain is LINQ made for?

Each time I see a question posted on Stack Overflow on C#, I see at least one or two answers posted that solve a problem with LINQ. Usually people with very high reputation seem to use LINQ like pros. ...
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Mostly produce output at programming job but don't learn anything [closed]

When I started working a programmer, I learned lots at first, on the job. Although Ive been given more responsibility, which is good in a way, it is mostly in the form of increased workload. I havent ...
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Should I expect my peers to read or practice on a regular basis? [closed]

I've been debating asking this question for some time. Based several of the comments I read in this question I decided I had to ask. This feels like I'm stating the obvious, but I believe that ...
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3 answers

learning on the clock [closed]

Some might argue this question is too general, but because keeping up seems especially relevant to programming, is anyone's experience that: do employers expect you to stay current? what is the "...
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Some Insight on the Field of Knowledge Representations and Reasoning [closed]

I started following an MS in computer sciences after about two years of work for a software company. I worked primarily in data warehousing and business intelligence related software development ...
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Does searching documentation and samples look bad? [duplicate]

I am starting a new job in a company with many developers and media people, the layout of the place is open with computers around a skinny oval, I have worked in small teams and programming embedded ...
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9 answers

How do I tell my parents that landing a job is what actually counts? [closed]

On one side, I just want to get a degree with a 3.0 GPA. On the other side, my parents want more than just a 3. Now here's the thing. I program with a passion. I spend day and night programming. And ...
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Can Software Engineers become certified Professional Engineers (PE)?

Does anyone know if a Software Engineer can become a certified Professional Engineer or PE for short? I know that my buddies who are Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil Engineers were able to become PEs ...
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25 votes
8 answers

How do you maintain productivity outside of work? (Programming Schedule) [closed]

I enjoy programming, but programming at work is just that, work. I would like to further develop my own personal interests in programming. Throughout the week I imagine myself completing a small ...
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