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Priority Scheduling - Preemptive and Nonpreemptive

Have question on priority scheduling both in preemptive and nonpreemptive and wanted to make sure understand it correctly. (Higher the number highest priority) Process Arrival Time Burst Time ...
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Kubernetes Cron Job is expensive?

I have to implement a feature in an existing application, which requires calling an API every minute. My app's microservices runs in Kubernetes environment. To achieve this, my first thought is ...
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What is the difference between pthread scope vs. policy?

I'm reading OS Concepts for my undergrad OS class and came across this topic: Pthread scheduling (System and Process) Then I kept reading and came across POSIX Real-Time Scheduling that has two ...
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How do you balance between "do it right" and "do it ASAP" in your daily work? [closed]

I find myself pondering over this question from time to time, again and again. I want to do things the right way: to write clean, understandable and correct code that is easy to maintain. However, ...
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Can I trust the Basic Schedule Equation?

I've been reading Steve McConnell's Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art book, and he gives an equation for estimating nominal schedule based on Person-months of effort: ScheduleInMonths = ...
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schedule compliance and keeping technical supports and resolving issues

I am an entrepreneur of a small software developer company. The flagship product is developed by myself and my company grew up to 14 people. One of pride is that we've never have to be invested or ...
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Why is software schedule estimation so hard? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are software schedules so hard to define? I often need to explain to senior management why software estimation is so hard, and why our preliminary estimates are often so ...
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Why are software schedules so hard to define?

It seems that, in my experience, getting us engineers to accurately estimate and determine tasks to be completed is like pulling teeth. Rather than just giving a swag estimate of 2-3 weeks or 3-6 ...
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