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How to OCR and/or recreate lines of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Unicode/HTML?

I am wondering how to take these Hieroglyphs and make them into Unicode. I read through the Tesseract docs on how to create training data, but it seems largely tailored toward "traditional" ...
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How does the Arabic typographic layout system work at a high level?

I have some Arabic content that is justified according to western conventions. I justified it because it is justified in ancient sources: However, the way Arabic text justification works is by ...
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How does MS word renders different fonts?

My main goal is described here. How can Microsoft Word or Wordpad or other word editing software render fonts when these fonts seems to not follow the same rules? How do they render characters ...
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Unicode or font support for an embedded project

I am working on an project for development of an Embedded system with following requirements. Should be able to receive a text in English language from a Host device. Interfaced over Modbus. Should ...
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I can type ⅓, ⅔ and ½ but can I type 3/3 and 2/2 using unicode? [closed]

I can type ⅓, ⅔ and ½ but can I type 3/3 and 2/2 using unicode? I know that from a mathematical point of view the fractions 2/2 = 3/3 = 1 but I am typing a list where I want to indicate that you have ...
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How does my computer associate a keystroke with a set of pixels corresponding to the keystroke letter on-screen? [closed]

For most applications, when you type a key on your keyboard it often prints onto screen the letter corresponding to the keystroke. By "printing" I mean the set of pixels associated with the ...
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Using Apache Licensed font for mobile

We are looking to incorporate an open source font which uses the Apache License v2 in our mobile application. I have a couple of questions on proper procedure/etiquette: For a font, does creating an ...
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Are Microsoft fonts like Impact safe to use in Open Source projects?

I made an open source project that requires the use of the Impact.ttf font from Microsoft. I looked around but couldn't find a definite license option for MIT projects. Do Microsoft's fonts (like ...
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Is there a specific reason that dingbat fonts are supported or ever even created?

I have known about the weird dingbat fonts since the first time I tried to change the font on MS word and stumbled upon them. Since then I never questioned them, I just thought hey cool. Now I have ...
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Can I include a modified GPL/Apache licensed font in my LGPL project?

I want to include a GPL & Apache duel-licensed font in my LGPL project, but didn't really find a clue if that's possible. There are two problems here: I didn't find any clue about Apache license'...
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GPL+FE license also applies to fonts used for the UI of a software? [closed]

The GPL font exception allows the font to be embedded within a digital "document" file without requiring the "document" itself to also be shared with GPL. Now I wonder, what is considered a "document"...
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Can I scrape a website for font stylings?

I am trying to scrape websites for valuable text for example the title of an article, the author's name, and other distinguished text. I cannot always guarantee that this sort of text will have ...
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Can I use a @font-face of "Courier New"?

I currently have my font stack: font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace; In all browsers that I test in I see the font displayed in the Courier New font except for my android devices - my ...
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How does font rendering actually work?

I realize that I know essentially nothing about the way fonts get rendered in my computer. From what I can observe, font rendering is generally made in a consistent way throughout the system. For ...
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Are there any programming fonts with oldstyle figures? [closed]

I find that oldstyle (or text) figures are much easier to read in any context outside of simple assignment. Are there any low-ambiguity fonts, monospaced or proportional, that have text figures and ...
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Using Fonts in your Applications

When writing applications for software, specifically mobile devices, will there be a problem with using any specific type of fonts (copyright/patent issues)? If so, how can we avoid this possible ...
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Asset licensing and GPL compatibility

If I want to bundle fonts and images with an application released under the GPL, are there specific requirements for the license of these assets?
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Does anyone prefer proportional fonts? [closed]

I was reading the wikipedia article on programming style and noticed something in an argument against vertically aligned code: Reliance on mono-spaced font; tabular formatting assumes that the ...
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