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Software Platform/Framework Backwards Compatibility with Extensions

How do software platforms/frameworks test for backwards compatibility with third party extensions? For instance, say I have a framework that many third party extensions rely on, and I want to make a ...
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Enemy AI for classic game Bubble Bobble [closed]

I am building a similar game to Bubble Bobble. This is the scenario: where E represents enemies, and P represents the player. If a user falls through the lower hole, it reappears through the superior ...
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Continuous "Platform" Integration?

We have accumulated a large codebase of somewhat-well-document projects, many of which aren't actively being used, but that we want to be able to start using again quickly if necessary. What is the ...
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If I were to start doing a GUI how do I decide on what platform to use? [closed]

I hear about WPF, Silverlight but then there is also windows RT, metro stuff, windows 8 and so on at the moment - I'm having a hard time nailing what to bet on. How do I, at a given point in time, ...
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Platform design Issues

Suppose I design a platform over a platform (say Java or Win32 or .NET), which consists of various layers like Database, User Interface, Cloud etc. Now every team would be working to make their ...
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Source control workflow for managing a software platform

I'm in charge of a software platform, written in C, that is used to provide a variety of projects to clients. I am trying to improve the workflow for people using this platform, and looking at ...
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Build a Platform API for public [closed]

I am looking for some advices, resources or articles about how to expose a Platform API to outside developers. My main concern is what is the standards or best approach to do that, basically I have a ...
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Steve Yegge post about platform vs product [closed]

I am reading this and I came across: The Golden Rule of Platforms, "Eat Your Own Dogfood", can be rephrased as "Start with a Platform, and Then Use it for Everything." You can't just bolt it on ...
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What's the relationship between Java EE and Glassfish?

I'm confused. Does Glassfish come as part of the Java EE platform? Can you get Glassfish but not Java EE?
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What Are The Best Practices for Managing Version Strings in Google App Engine Apps?

In Google App Engine, you can upload up to 10 different versions on your appspot project. For instance, if I have a project called example, the URL would be: Each version ...
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Thinking of switching from mac to windows, need a little guidance

Looking to switch to Win7 as machines are cheaper, easier to repair and as a web developer, I wouldn't have to emulate IE anymore. I want as smooth a transition as possible, so what would be the ...
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Should I use a single platform for common services or modularize them?

I am designing a suite of web applications that have the same base functionality. That is, they all will know how to create and operate on widgets. The differences will be in their target audience and ...
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what is a good stack for software as a service (SAAS) application?

We will be engaging large corporations to help them run various types of analysis, mostly code analysis of their applications. The storage requirements will likely be modest, hundreds of MB per ...
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One language to rule them all? (Them being platforms.) [closed]

I have been discussing a project with a client and they want to use a single language to deploy to as many platforms as possible. (I am not sure that it's such a good idea, because each platform ...
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