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Testing against a customer's environment before releasing

"In my company, we have this distributed system over Kubernetes. Some microservices are shared among all customers, and others are up to them to upgrade. This system has to interact with A LOT of ...
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Situation where software engineers effectively take role of product (unwanted, but for practical reasons)

My team owns several services. One is our primary focus: an accounts service. We have a plentiful stream of feature work and tech debt to address there, and everyone (engineers, product, design, ...
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Should a Product Owner (PO) be part of the Engineering team or Product team? [closed]

Our start-up is currently build this way: Engineering Team which contains the following resources: Director of Engineering Mobile, front-end and back-end developers Quality Assurance Infrastructure ...
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Is over communication a sign of bad software sometimes? [closed]

Currently, I work in a company that divides the product into squads, and each squad is responsible for a different product (or software). The squad that I've been working takes care of a software that ...
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How do i create a logic for dynamic product list page like below using php and bootstrap?

The big image is catalog or ad blocks that comes from catalog table. And small images are the actual products block that comes from product table. There may be more products and more catalog. ...
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How can I effectively test a product idea before building it?

I've read a bunch of online resources about this, but wondering if there's a better way to test an idea for a product before spending countless weeks building the darn thing? I've read about things ...
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What exactly is a multi-tenant application?

According to the definition available online, "Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers". It means I have a Restaurant ...
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How can a software code be made modifiable without being visible to the end user?

I wish to supply a software product with GUI, etc. for operating it. And the software utility is research so the users will want to tweak it to some extent and implement their own preferred algorithms ...
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multiplication with insufficiently long registers [duplicate]

I want to multiply two numbers but since I don’t have long enough registers in the current architecture need to “break them down” into shorter ones and somehow perform the calculation. For example: ...
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How to develop a product compare page

I want to develop a product comparison page, where a user can compare 2 or 3 products. I was thinking about a 3 column list displaying every specification. But I want to highlight the differences. I ...
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Is programming in layers real? [duplicate]

I am fairly new in product development and I am trying to work over a product. The problem that I have realized is that people draw diagrams and charts showing different modules and layers. But as I ...
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How to test the same software on all products in a product line?

In my team we have been working on a firmware for a product. The product was released some years ago but we still implement new features in the firmware and regularly provide a new firmware for our ...
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Difference between planning a project vs. planning a product

I have read in numerous places that when developing a product you need to take a different approach to when you are developing a project (think "contract" work). Some differences are: 1) There is no ...
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How to optimize Cartesian product

Is there a better way to compute cartesian product. Since cartesian product is a special case that differs on each case. I think, I need to explain what I need to achieve and why I end up doing ...
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How do we finish all our stories by the end of the sprint and not after and why is this important?

We are running 2 weeks sprints where the team will just barely finish development by the last day of the sprint but cards are not complete because testing is not finished. The definition of done is ...
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Best Practices To Build a Product Registration System?

What are some practices I should use in a product registration system I'm building? I likely can't stop all malicious hacking, but I'd like to slow them down a great deal. (Note, I know only PHP.) I'm ...
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Product classifying algorithm - text classification - C# - algorithm suggestions

Alright people. Finally with the help of stackoverflow community i have gathered 20 commercial product selling websites product pages with the following features Product URL Product Price Product ...
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Steve Yegge post about platform vs product [closed]

I am reading this and I came across: The Golden Rule of Platforms, "Eat Your Own Dogfood", can be rephrased as "Start with a Platform, and Then Use it for Everything." You can't just bolt it on ...
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best practices in creating a product backlog in scrum [closed]

I am new to scrum, project management in general, and i am having problems deciding what to call a feature or a sub-feature (which are tasklists to creating that feature?) especially for the standard ...
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How to start a Software Company [closed]

I've always been interested in wondering how software companies happen. I find it extremely difficult once you're tied down with car, house, life etc. Funding is always the biggest concern. To make ...
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the future of commercial products [closed]

I'm seeing that the open source solutions are growing rapidly & many companies use them now. What do you think the future for commercial products or solutions will be?
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What default features is Windows missing that are required for programmers? [closed]

What features is Windows missing that can improve the productivity of a programmer. I know a lot of people would want some features from Linux and OSX ported or being created for Windows as well. What ...
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Best process for product development and maintenance by a small team?

I'm going to be managing projects for a very small (2-5) senior developer team. They develop a subscription based web application. It has been in use for many years so at this point the work ...
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