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Is it okay to have architects to work under the product owner as a part of scrum team? [closed]

So, as an architect, I work across the ecosystem, defining solutions, defining the future roadmap, and making architectural changes, upgrades, etc., along with collaborating with third-party vendors ...
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What part of development should a software designer do? [closed]

My manager recently promoted me to "software designer". I am not aware that this title exists. As far as I know SAs creates high level code design and do diagrams. I have a hard time understanding ...
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How to Design a request distribution system (A bit sililar to Uber)

I am designing a delivery app where a Requester requests a thing from his mobile and the request is sent to multiple Agents on the field. When one Agent accepts the request, he will be assigned to the ...
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How to tackle a software architect that feels he's above a standard programmer? [closed]

This post felt like it belonged somewhere in between SE Workplace and SE Programmers. However, since it's specifically targeting a programming issue, I decided to put it here. What are the ...
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What Is The Relationship Between Software Architect and Team Member [duplicate]

I work for a small company which has less than 100 persons. Several months ago, this company offered me position of SA and I accepted. There are three teams in this company, and I work for one of them....
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How can architects work with self-organizing Scrum teams?

An organization with a number of agile Scrum teams also has a small group of people appointed as "enterprise architects". The EA group acts as control and gatekeeper for quality and adherence to ...
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Should a domain expert make class diagrams?

The domain expert in our team uses UML class diagrams to model the domain model. As a result, the class diagrams are more of technical models rather than domain models (it serves of some sort of ...
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What makes for a good architect/manager/lead developer?

I am the Lead Developer for a small software company. Over the past two years, my team has grown from one developer (me) to a group of about nine people. Most of us are very capable, senior engineers (...
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Credibility of Windows azure architect program from Sundblad & Sundblad

I am planning to attend the Windows Azure Architect Program from S&S. Although the website says it is a Microsoft Training Program, not sure how much ...
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What should you bring to the table as a Software Architect? [closed]

There have been many questions with good answers about the role of a Software Architect (SA) on StackOverflow and Programmers SE. I am trying to ask a slightly more focused question than those. The ...
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SaaS maturity level 2, how i can build configurable SaaS?(Technics and patterns)

According SaaS maturity model a SaaS is level 2 if is configurable, but how i can get started in this concept?how patterns and Technics, i can use to enable my SaaS?
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What defines a software architect? [duplicate]

At what point does a developer stop being simply a developer and turns into a software architect. Or in other words, what's the minimum job description of a software architect?
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What's the worst technology decision you have ever seen? [closed]

This includes architecture decisions, platform choices or any situation where a such a bad choice led to negative consequences.
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