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3 answers

Does it make sense for an API with 1 daily job to do to be asynchronous?

This is a conceptual question about whether my specific use-case warrants the use of an asynchronous API. Language: Python 3.11 Framework: FastAPI (ASGI) I believe I am confused about what an ...
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3 answers

Changes that aren't changes (The AAA problem)?

Suppose an application records a version marker on some data. For example a database application might record UPDATE_TS as a datetime when a record was updated. It could just be an integer version ...
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2 answers

Can multiple producers cause events with the same key to be enqueued out of order within a specific partition of a topic?

I'm aiming to create a simple event-driven system where each microservice operates with its own database. The idea is to share database changes across microservices through events. To ensure proper ...
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What are the approaches for joining data in distributed processing

Let's suppose I have a processing workflow of: Where: The workflow can have many instances running at the same time. A1 -> B1, C1 -> D1 A2 -> B2, C2 -> D2 and so on... Each node is an ...
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Asynchronous HTTP request pattern

Here is the pattern that I thought about for a resource accepting a single asynchronous HTTP request at a time (i.e. a request which has not yet been fulfilled when the response is sent): Create a ...
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TCP connection-oriented synchronous data write

thinking about the design of an IoT project where the devices don't have a standard application layer but rather a thin custom application layer utilizing TCP sockets. What I mean by this is that the ...
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1 answer

How to sync async and await Tasks?

With threads you could use Semaphore, mutex, ManualResetEvent, etc... to sync a shared data, how do you accomplish the same thing with tasks? Essentially, if I have shared data between different ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Should I create two synchronous or a single asynchronous rest APIs?

Here is the situation. System A sends the notification as it completes the work items to System B. System A does not know how many items the project consists of. It's just a pass-through system. ...
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3 answers

Is microservices architecture a good candidate for a pipeline?

I have a monolithic application which can be divided into multiple steps and different steps have variable scaling requirement, however the input of the next step is the output of the current step. ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Asynchronous communication with legacy system

Background My task is to create new system (X) for realtime work tracking for internal use. You should think it like an app that you have opened on a separate monitor/ on phone all day and you are ...
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Designing sane messaging paradigm for concurrent updates

We have a weird use-case that I need to support in my application and needed some opinions on how to design it. At a basic level the application allows users to work on a "list" of "tweets" she cares ...
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1 answer

Synchronisation of different "channel" in an asynchronous way

I have a scenario where a service needs to update back and forth information from different channels (and each channel should have the same information, e.g inventory of products). It all works fine ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Long running REST API in PHP, async?

I have a RESTful API built with PHP. In POST request saving to DB is triggered. The problem is that now I have to support long running tasks. For example a user triggers POST request that is going to ...
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2 answers

Is it good approach to await async tasks in object destructor?

I'm currently working on class with some async tasks under the hood. In fact I need to delegate few tasks to asynchronous execution and be sure that all of them are finished before class was destroyed,...
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How state updates to existing instances/sessions are generally done?

This is a very broad question, but maybe someone has a worthwhile response. There is a general synchronization issue that often has to be solved, but always seems to be difficult. Here's an example: ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How to separate sync and async methods in C# type?

Lets say I design a generic read only repository IReadOnlyRepository. public interface IReadOnlyRepository { ... TEntity Find<TEntity>(object id) where TEntity : IEntity; ...
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2 answers

Structural problem related to Dependecy Injection and Asynchronous Operations

I'm implementing the onion architecture with webapi, service layer, repository, unit of work and the domain classes. I use also DI, using simple injector. But my issue, is how can I implement a ...
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PHP or NodeJS for a chat app with message queue

In my company I proposed NodeJS for developing a microservice that acts as a bridge between the front-end and a third party chat API, that Microservice will receive large amounts of messages (about ...
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2 answers

Achieving very large real-time async writes on MySQL tables without locking them to reads

I am building a webapp (Angular frontend, Groovy/Spring/Hibernate/MySQL backend) that will allow users to compete against each other over certain activities. Each activity will have 1 winner and 1 ...
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Does placing an httpd server in front of a Vert.x application defeats Vert.x's purpose?

I'm watching a talk on Vert.x (not in English) and they say that "the whole architecture needs to be asynchronous from beginning to end", and cites as an example of what not to do putting an Apache ...
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Appropriate design for mutlithreaded asynchronous server app?

I have a three layer application with your basic client layer, middle layer, and database layer. The middle layer is intended to take requests for work and data from the client, process it, and then ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Make multithreaded program asynchronous

There is an application that processes TCP/IP requests according to some logic, and pretty always it connects to DB. Architecture is very common: one client -> one processing thread -> one DB ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How are asynchronous exception implemented?

What changes need to be made to a language/runtime if one wants to implement fully asynchronous exceptions (thrown from one thread to another, capable of interrupting pure computation without the need ...
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2 answers

Is a promise-aware eventing system desirable?

I'm fully aware that Promises and eventing are both ways to do asynchronous programming, and you can choose either one for a given project. However, in practice, the code base I'm working with is ...
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3 answers

Excute Procedure in Parallel or Async

I have inherited an application which performs approximately 100,000 executions in a C# for-loop against SQL Server. for (int i=0; i<100000; i++) { //Execution can take 0.250 to 5 seconds to ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Zeromq bidirectional asynchronous transmission?

I have a system which consists of two applications. Currently, two applications communicate using multiple zeromq publish/subscribe sockets generated for each specific type of transmission. Sockets ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the benefits of Asynchronous HTTP

Q.1 I know that when we are talking about synchronous HTTP, for each request a Thread may be spawn and get blocked, so when number of simultaneous connections increase, we will encounter massive ...
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Asynchronous client-server implementation

The mission: Implement a program that will listen to multiple client requests asynchronously (on TCP) and transfer them to a server (also on TCP) to which only one connection is allowed. The program ...
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Remote job execution and synchronization

I have master and nodes infrastructure. Master executes remote jobs on nodes. Each job returns success/failure message back to master. So the flow of execution is the following: master receives ...
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2 answers

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous data transmission?

I have a device that is a source of data. It is connected to a PC where my program is running. I have two scenarios of how to get the data from that device. I am wondering, which one is synchronous ...
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JS Asynchronous Load Pattern

This is a specific problem but I believe the pattern here may be general enough to be useful to the audience here. I'm working on an offline JS application. In my JS application, I would like to run ...
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Is there a formula to figure out the total execution time of sequential asynchronous processes?

I have a set of steps that need to run sequentially over a list of data. However each step only operates on a single piece of data at a time. Because of this, I can run the steps asynchronously. For ...
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