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Allow-Rendering-Prevent-Download Architecture

The solution is to do the rendering on the server and just send an image of the part of the file currently being viewed. This is fairly simple, but you need some sort of rendering engine for the file ...
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Allow-Rendering-Prevent-Download Architecture

Fundamentally, you are trying to solve an impossible problem - there is no difference between "rendering a file in the client's browser" and "download the file". They both involve ...
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What is the difference between Hexagonal Architecture and Anti Corruption Layer Pattern?

These are orthogonal architectures: The anticorruption layer is an architectural pattern that intends to isolate one bounded context from the modifications of another bounded context, at the domain ...
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Combining Command and Visitor design patterns

I think you got a little bogged down with the two patterns. Maybe you thought throwing just a few patterns at your problem will improve the design, but IMHO that's not the case here, quite the ...
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