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How to merge SQL Server database authentication with firebase authentication?

I have Firebase connected to my web app and users can authenticate using the 'microsoft' provider. The provider only allows authenticating with the active directory tenant that I specified in my ...
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Using Azure AD as an identity provider in Keycloak-based applications: how can I add missing user data to my client applications?

I'm currently using Azure AD as my identity provider and Keycloak as my intermediary/broker for my client applications. However, I need some user attributes (such as phone, email, picture, and ...
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How to enrich an accesstoken with claims from external system in ADFS (OIDC)

I have a few systems where we are currently using ADFS as our federation and the OpenId connect "protocol". What I would like to achieve is a way where the user authenticates over our Active ...
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Two step provisioning using OIDC and AD?

A client requested that we implement the following authentication/authorisation flow: User authenticates using OIDC via a IAM (Salesforce in this case). If user is an external user, then a flag is ...
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How to protect while loosely coupling a db server that is shared by 2 different services

Background information I have a database that will be used by two different web applications. Solution A (user driven web application) resides on the public internet and will write / update / delete ...
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How to identify an organization for license management purposes for an Windows application?

To introduce some license levels (organization, computer, user), I need to pinpoint information that identifies the object (organization, computer, user) without user interaction. To identify the ...
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Using Active Directory ObjectSid as Primary Key in SQL Server for Data Access via ASP.NET MVC

I am designing an Intranet employee reward web app using ASP.NET MVC C#/MS SQL Server. This will only be accessed from within the network. Employees and managers will be able to give a reward to ...
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Designing a shared-role web apps

I have several Django services which all have their own login portal, and colleagues have a user/pass for each portal (if we've given them permission). We'd like to unite all of these portals and ...
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Best strategy for OAuth2.0 across browsers and across tabs within the same browser?

I have developed a login system using OAuth2.0 that is currently working within one tab in one browser. Without diving into the code, the system works by having the user enter their credentials to ...
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Querying Active Directory from SQL Server

We always used C# to query Active Directory, recently we need to add a patch to some code and it would be easier for us to query Active Directory straight from SQL DB as then we won't need to make ...
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Should Active Directory access respect my software architecture?

I have a solution with an onion architecture using an MVC project. I also access Active Directory, and was wondering if one needs to loosely couple Active Directory access? Say I have : ...
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Methodology for updating active directory groups

I am currently writing a ASP.Net web application that has a section for out IT department to manage users. One of the things it will do is give a checkbox list of the active directory security groups ...
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What does GRAPH stand for in the term Azure AD Graph API or Facebook Open Graph API

I'm doing some research on authentication methods and I've noticed that not only does Azure call their cloud Active Directory interface API the "Graph API" but also Facebook use the same term with ...
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Azure Active Directory

I am developing a suite of applications that will be hosted in Azure. Some apps will be for customer use (not public tho, i.e. invited/paid up customers) and some for internal employees. For ...
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Mechanism for showing AAD usernames to other users?

I have a multi-tenant web application that authenticates against Azure Active Directory and allows users to modify content. What is the appropriate way for me to display the name of the last person ...
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Single sign-on flow using ASP.NET MVC + Active Directory

I'm looking into creating a single-sign-on portal built in ASP.NET MVC. This single sign on portal should give users the option to sign in with their individual account (which should be verified ...
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Active Directory Federation for multi tenant application

For AD Federation in a multi-tenant environment- My research so far with Azure, tells me that the onpremise AD needs to be integrated with the cloud AD. Are there any cons/ security concerns with ...
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Approaches for manage AD users inside my HR system [closed]

I want to start a new HR web application based on mvc-5 & Entity Framework. as it is almost the case Users inside the HR system will exists inside the AD, and when a new user join our ...
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Best approach for managing users that are defined inside the active directory, inside my custom application

I want to start a new mvc5 Personal Appraisals web project. Now I will have a module inside the system for managing users, and adding info such as primary role, secondary role, main skills, ...
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LDAP users synchronization [closed]

I'm looking for a way to synchronize a users database between a piece of software and a ldap directory. Currently I'm thinking of three possibilities to keep the track of a specific user : Guid : it ...
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How to securely implement roles in a Windows Form application?

As an ISV, what is considered best practice for implementing application role based security? In other words, only allow users to access certain features in the application based on what roles they ...
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Identity Design ASP.NET

I am trying to design a system with the below features, and am currently trying to figure out best way to handle Identity : There will be multiple decoupled parts of the system, with same customers ...
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Is MSDN / Azure Active Directory information available in different formats?

I'd like to read the documentation of Azure Active Directory on my kindle (or similar device), but don't want to use "Print to Kindle" for each and every page. Is the Microsoft documentation for this ...
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Should I manage authentication on my own if the alternative is very low in usability and I am already managing roles?

As a small in-house dev department, we only have experience with developing applications for our intranet. We use the existing Active Directory for user account management. It contains the accounts of ...
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Do Microsoft Certifications matter? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are certifications worth it? I'm curious what experience others have had, both from the perspective of an employer and an employee on Microsoft Certifications. I'm kind of ...
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