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Is there some standard or virtually standard way to document code in a language agnostic and IDE agnostic fashion? [closed]

In java we generally do it the java-docs way and in js the popular method these days is vscode documentation using @param, @returns, @example etc but I would prefer if there were some language ...
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What is standard/considered best practice for the media used for different documentation? [closed]

I have just started my first position as a software engineer after finishing my degree, and, as warned, software is much different in industry than in academia. The startup that hired me does not have ...
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What to consider in choosing an approach to dev environment creation for existing production system?

Our team has not had dev and test environments since it started 2-3 years ago. We had decided to give this (creation of dev and test environments) more priority. Current Environment One production ...
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Is there a standard for describing information about Java Beans (Bean Introspections)

In many situations we need access to meta information about Java Beans. The Java Reflection API itsself does not work for projects were performance matters so the bigger Frameworks like Spring or ...
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Current industry standard with regards to C macros [closed]

I have read from several authors that macros in C should be avoided whenever possible, and use inline functions instead. It's true that inline only 'requests' the compiler to replace the function call ...
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Any standard expansions to RFC 4122 for generating a name based UUID using SHA256

I am doing some code review for a project and they have generated a name based UUID using SHA256 as the hashing algorithm. I found a some Java code that created a Name-based (hashing) UUIDs using SHA-...
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Avoiding Arrow Anti-Pattern in MISRA-C

For a safety-critical domain, with a code standard including the MISRA C 2004 guidelines, a "simple" piece of code becomes obtuse, chiefly because of the requirements both that all if() statements ...
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3 answers

How relevant is DSDM nowadays?

After recent years working mostly with SLA, Incident Management and ITSM, I'm considering moving back to software development management and agile methodology. I'm returning to SCRUM lessons and would ...
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How to manage model(s) between web client (DMZ) and web API?

I have this web API project which handle all database access via entity framework. I have another web client reside in DMZ to call those APIs (via ajax or c#) in the web API project. When I make API ...
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is it okay to use negative numbers to extend an industry standard data model

I'm working on a project with client that needs to rely on a proprietary data set. They also have custom data that logically fits alongside the proprietary data. What they do is use the same tables ...
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Industry Prevalence of JML Specification

In the Java course I'm currently doing at university, a lot of emphasis is placed on using JML constructs like @require and @ensure clauses in Javadoc comments. I understand that this is implementing ...
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1 answer

What is the name for the non-extension part of a filename? [closed]

Given the file path: /some/path/abc.txt The filename is "abc.txt", and extension is "txt". What is the "industry standard", unambiguous name for the "abc" part? For reference, in both java's older ...
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13 answers

Are design patterns frowned upon?

I had a discussion with one of our senior developers who's been in the business for 20 years. He's pretty well known in Ontario for a blog he writes. The strange thing is what he told me: he said ...
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6 answers

Benefit of non-volatile access to volatile objects being undefined?

This is a question about ISO C, which contains this sentence: If an attempt is made to refer to an object defined with a volatile-qualified type through use of an lvalue with non-volatile-qualified ...
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Do I need any special approval to operate my own MLS or IDX system?

I'm currently building a enterprise MLS / IDX system and I'm just wondering if there is any type of special considerations to be taken outside of outputting the data in the forms that external web ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Hard Coded File Paths - Solution?

Say you have an application that saves image(.jpg, .png etc) and text(.txt, .xml) files, and the application has all of the files paths hard coded throughout code, per the example below. Assuming the ...
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6 answers

Do we need to test 32-bit software in 64-bit Windows?

I'm working in a software development team as software developer. I've been working on the same project for three years now. The software is a 32-bit desktop based C# application in .NET 4. Our target ...
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What is the industry norm for naming standard for gui object event handlers in C# [closed]

Lets say you have a button objects on a form with a click event (c#/.Net). How is the event handler normally named throughout the industry? fooButton_Click fooButtonClick (or if you like Hungarian) ...
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Are there any industry standards that define code quality? [closed]

Our specific situation is that we are creating an agreement between ourselves and another team for shared control or use of a PHP based web application that we have been building. We have a set of ...
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2 answers

How would I make a suggestion for a change to the SQL standard

If I wanted to make a suggestion to a change to how the UPDATE statement works in SQL, how would I go about it? Is there a website for the next standard? I googled, but just kept getting the ...
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36 votes
2 answers

Separating data access in ASP.NET MVC

I want to make sure I'm following industry standards and best practices with my first real crack at MVC. In this case, it's ASP.NET MVC, using C#. I will be using Entity Framework 4.1 for my model, ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Change Management Standard

Is there any Change Management Standard which is widely accepted in software and other industries? I worked at several companies with absolutely different target domains (investment banking and ...
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5 answers

Standards in Enterprise Development

Is it perhaps time for enterprise systems to be developed to strict enforced standards? Many books list optional 'standards' and best practices, but these are purely suggested practices. Still, every ...
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3 answers

Is it common practice to hire third parties to do code reviews for contractors?

I recently observed some contract offers which included a "code review by third party" clause - the contract would not pay out fully until the code review was completed and it received a pass. I was ...
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