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Python program for Mac OS not working on double click but works fine through terminal [closed]

I wrote a python program that involved the HL7 library to convert HL7 files into csv files. The implemented environment is MacOS Ventura. Python 3.11 used to develop. The app was created using Py2App ...
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How do you explain to the Product Owner that an error in a Web app is due to a browser quirk? [closed]

Web browsers are imperfect machines. So let's say you came across an error. You might search your code to find the problem, and then failing that, you turn to online research that indicates the error ...
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Business logic error handling. Should exceptions really be avoided?

C#'s primary error handling mechanism are exceptions and try pattern. We don't have access to discriminated unions yet like in case of F# and Rust Option<T> and Result<T, E> types. The ...
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Is there a general solution to the problem of "sudden unexpected bursts of errors" in software?

Let me explain what I mean. I have made a complex, highly polished over years PHP framework/library for my own use. I very aggressively log the smallest notice and immediately deal with it as soon as ...
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Errors that don't make code behave wrong from user's point of view - how would you call them?

var file_extension = 'txt'; if (file_extension === 'txt') alert('plain text'); else if (file_extension === 'md') alert('markdown'); var file_extension = 'txt'; if (file_extension === 'txt') ...
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What do you call the interface design error that consists in splitting two public methods that should be called together?

Consider a poorly-designed interface in which there are two functions (say foo() and bar()) that can be called independently, but in order to get some expected behavior (or in order to keep the object ...
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API Design: Errors passed between APIs

I work as a developer on a few different APIs that make calls to each other. Let's take two and call them API-USER and API-BUSINESS. A user application makes calls to API-USER, which in turn makes ...
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Dealing with unwanted usages of a function

I am writing a function that I would not like to get called given a certain context and am wondering how best to convey that to possible users of the function. Assume, for exemplification, I am ...
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How do you assess the damage in a system that has been using floats or doubles for money?

I've been assigned to a code base responsible for millions of dollars of transactions, per quarter, and has been in use for over a decade. Sifting through the solution, I see doubles used everywhere ...
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Error Codes with Properties Files or Database

I'm about to implement Error codes for my company API, so, based on rfc7807 I will include a type which is an error type which is basically an error category, and inside those categories we have a ...
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How to handle errors that is caused by old data structure?

When a major data structure has been changed in an app, what is the best way to handle such kind of errors in the front-end side so that the app doesn’t break? For example, we have a list of users ...
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What are chances that computer (program) made a mistake? like not evaluate if(true)

(Probably my question is somehow similar to this, but I'm interested from the point of program engineers.) What are chances and under what circumstances, a computer program could ever made a mistake ...
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Error Monitoring On The Apps Which I'm Selling

I'm developing JS and PHP scripts and selling them on various marketplaces. But I need to track/monitor errors on my scripts. Usually, I use Sentry for own web apps, but I'm not sure if it's okay to ...
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I changed one method signature and now have over 25,000 errors. What now?

I started a new job recently where I am working on a very large application (15M loc). In my previous job we had a similarly large application but (for better or for worse) we used OSGi, which meant ...
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Error handling paradigms [closed]

Is there a universally accepted classification of error handling strategies? What is a general term to refer to those strategies, which can be used while searching for books and articles that compare ...
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Thousands of errors!

I was assigned to a new project recently. Well, an old project actually, written in classic ASP. Now a new version of the application is being written in the latest ASP.NET, but it's not expected to ...
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Must a variable contain an instance of a class if it invokes a method?

In the following link, the author states that We have already reasoned that ‘out’ is a static variable belonging to the class System. But now we can see that ‘out’ must be an instance of a class, ...
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Error handling in C++

So, in the recent weeks I delved into C++ programming, and I programmed some things in SDL. Doing so, you always have to deal with a lot of (ugly) C++ code, which looks more like C than C++. One thing ...
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Can the "level 256 bug" in the game of Pacman be considered an unhandled segfault?

I am trying to explain segmentation faults to someone, and I was thinking about the level 256 kill-screen in Pacman, and how it's triggered by integer overflow, and how similar the behavior is to the "...
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Methods of "Code Softening" (Opposite of "Hardening") for C & C++ [closed]

Some developers work on code hardening. (protecting against errors, you can build with a stack protector for example). However, if you're trying to redo a strange someone else reports, or find ...
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Error recovering emails in Delphi (POP3) [closed]

I'm new to programming with Delphi. I have the latest version. I'm trying to display my emails using POP3 but I have a problem. At one point I was wrong and did a loop with POP3.Retrieve() method ...
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Is there a name for an internal incorrect behaviour that does not manifest itself as a bug?

To put this in context, I have the following scenario. I am writing a Common Lisp program that works with strings and lists of characters. In a certain function foo, the value of a variable suff is a ...
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can a logic error happen way later than its cause? [closed]

For comparison, for a runtime fatal error, it is often that the cause of the error is way before the error crashes a program. For a logic error, it doesn't crash a program. It happens when the state ...
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Wrap all external calls with flag to fight against recursion and double-entry?

Producing predictable output for each possible input is the responsibility of each module. For example (in C#): class Logger { public ITextWriter Writer { get; set; } private uint counter; ...
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Defining error codes

We are designing an error-handling framework for a cryptographic library written in C. The approach we are taking is that relatively few errors are propagated back to the user since on most occasions ...
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Declaring variables in Python and PHP

The question is how to cope with absence of variable declaration in Python, PHP, and the like. In most languages there is a way to let the compiler know whether I introduce a new variable or refer to ...
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How can my team avoid frequent errors after refactoring?

To give you a little background: I work for a company with roughly twelve Ruby on Rails developers (+/- interns). Remote work is common. Our product is made out of two parts: a rather fat core, and ...
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Infinite loop with a singleton - does this type of issue have a name?

I ran into an unusual error while working on my project. To better learn from and remember it, I'd like to know if this type of error has a name or some definition. (The error itself OutOfMemoryError ...
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Methodology To Determine Cause Of User Specific Error

We have software that, for certain clients, fails to download a file. The software is developed in Python and compiled into a Windows Executable. The cause of the error is still unknown but we have ...
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How to avoid errors and not miss anything [duplicate]

I have a problem that is more serious than it might seem. I've been programming for about three years , and I have learned and improved a lot , I read the code easily to others, understand the ...
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How to trace logical errors in algorithms [closed]

I am beginner in algorithms. Last year I participated in Google Code Jam. One of the major issues I faced during the competition was my code was working fine on my test cases, but when I submitted on ...
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What's the difference between robustness and fault-tolerance?

Systems / programs / distributed algorithms / ... are often described with the predicate robust or fault-tolerant. What is the difference? Details: When I google for +robust +"fault-tolerant", I ...
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How can I handle clock hands using doubles that suffers at most O(log n) corrupt bits at nth frame of display?

I presently have a clock app that calculates from scratch at every iteration. This means O(1) corrupt bits in my doubles and heavy object creation and deletion as well. I am wary of running ...
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How do I output an error when I'm determining how to output an error?

I've written an API which can be configured to signal errors in different ways (return values, debugging messages, or exceptions). I've got a check in place when the API is first initialized to see ...
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Where does paypal's 92233720368547800 number come from? [closed]

There has been a story in the news about a man whose Paypal account was accidentally credited with $92,233,720,368,547,800. Where does this number come from? What sort of programming bug is likely to ...
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How to test functions or the code inside $(document).ready() using Jasmine?

I have multiple functions and a lot of code inside $(document).ready(function()). I am using jasmine to test the functions inside the ready function as well as the code inside ready() but when the ...
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How to be robust against webservice downtime caused by third parties

I'm using iPage as my cloud based server provider. I haven't had any problems with them yet. They hold the scripts for my RESTful services for the mobile app I'm developing. My problem however is ...
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What happens when using address before it's allocated?

The very simple piece of C++ code below is incorrect, it's easy to see why and tools like Valgrind will tell you. In running several C++ codes containing this kind of error, I noticed that each time, ...
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Choosing a proper wording for referring compiler errors

Consider someone is writing a message (or a question at StackOverflow). The context is following: In my code, I have the following line: int foo = Bar(); However, the compiler returns an error: line ...
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Android: Not able to experiment on own? [closed]

I have just started learning Android App Development a few days ago, with prior knowledge of C/C++, HTML and CSS. This is the situation I am facing Repeatedly: I am learning from a Video Tutorial ...
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What can be done to decrease the number of live issues with applications?

First off I have seen this post which is slightly similar to my question. : What can you do to decrease the number of deployment bugs of a live website? Let me layout the situation for you. The ...
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Why is nesting or piggybacking errors within errors bad in general?

Why is nesting or piggybacking errors within errors bad in general? To me it seems bad intuitively, but I'm suspicious in that I cannot adequately articulate why it is bad. This may be because it is ...
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How to avoid typo errors, etc?

For the first time I have been coding for an open-source software where all my work gets reviewed before being commited. I understand reviewing work isn't an easy task, so I don't like to waste ...
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Using a parser to locate faulty code

Lately I've been working a lot in PHP and have run into an abnormally large number of parsing errors. I realize these are my own fault and a result of sloppy initial coding on my part, but it's ...
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Catching an error?

Is catching an error with try ... catch a better practice than catching an error with proper analysis/error check? For instance, removing from an empty list: Does surround with a try catch clause ...
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Common Industry Term For Negative Logging? [closed]

It is one thing to log something that happened in code, a process, or procedure. It is another thing to log something that didn't happen. For example, if your ETL system is supposed to receive a ...
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How to teach your users/customers to send better error descriptions

I often have to deal with customers or users which are reporting errors in applications. Most of the time their content is something useless as ERROR!!! x does not work without much more ...
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Silent Crash of WPF/ 2010 based application

I have an application built in WPF and It works on several Windows XP computers that I've tested it on, however, my animator's computer doesn't seem to like it. At first, the program would ...
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Worst practices in C++, common mistakes [closed]

After reading this famous rant by Linus Torvalds, I wondered what actually are all the pitfalls for programmers in C++. I'm explicitly not referring to typos or bad program flow as treated in this ...
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How should compilers report errors and warnings?

I don't plan on writing a compiler in the near future; still, I'm quite interested with compiler technologies, and how this stuff could be made better. Starting with compiled languages, most ...
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